My Cycle Accident in Wembley

My cycle accident in Wembley left me with more than just a broken arm – it left me financially hurting too. If it had not had been for engaging the services of a firm of specialist cycle accident solicitors, I firmly believe I would be completely broke.

I am a keen cyclist, I regularly cycle to work but more than that, I regularly go out cycling on weekends with friends. These rides can be anything from 30 miles to a full day cycling topping at out 100 miles. It is a huge passion but after my cycle accident in Wembley I was worried if I would ever ride properly again.

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The Cycling Accident

I was cycling about 8am in Wembley one morning when the accident occurred. I was just cycling along a fairly busy road when, out of a side road, a car simply turned onto the road. I had no time to react and crashed straight into the back of the car. Stunned and dazed I managed to stagger to my feet and limp out of the road to avoid being hit by another vehicle. My bike wasn’t so lucky and I watched it get crushed by a passing lorry.

The driver which caused the accident had stopped and we swapped details. The drivers excuse was the classic “I didn’t see you”. By this point though the mixture of adrenalin and shock had worn off and my left arm was hurting more and more. I was taken to hospital where it was confirmed my most serious injury was a broken arm. I had also suffered grazes and cuts and would be stiff for a number of days.

The Cost of My Cycle Accident

So, there I was – facing a few days off work, potential physiotherapy on my arm and with no bike. I work as a freelance graphic designer so I don’t receive payment for ‘sick days’. I certainly had no health care cover so any physiotherapy would have to be covered by myself and replacing my bike wasn’t going to be cheap.

I got in touch with a local firm of cycling injury solicitors in Wembley and they believed I had a valid cycling accident compensation claim. I asked them to look into this for me and quickly and promptly they started to get results. My physiotherapy costs were covered up front to allow me to focus on my rehabilitation and the cost of my bike, at the time of the accident, was factored into my claim. With regular updates from my dedicated cycling accident solicitor I learned of a settlement offer from the driver insurers. This included covering the medical bills and loss of earnings as well as a settlement on my bike.

Six months later and I am fit enough to get back onto my bike again. I admit I haven’t ridden on the road where I had the accident and I tend to ride more out in the countryside now, to avoid the traffic, but without the cycling solicitors involvement I might still be recovering from my cycling accident – physically and financially.

Use a Cycling Accident Solicitor

If you have had a cycling accident then you should speak to a specialist cycling injury solicitor to help you understand if you can make a cycling accident compensation claim.

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